Aloft Flight’s CFIs have extensive instructional and flight experience in a wide variety of aircraft and operating environments.  Flying from our home airport at Cape Cod Gateway/Hyannis (KHYA), Aloft Flight’s instructors are familiar with Cape Cod and New England area airports, weather patterns, and air traffic operations and make the most of every training opportunity. Visit the CFI individual biographies to learn more about our instructor staff.

Our goal is to provide a safe, fun, and rewarding experience with every lesson. When combined with the Cape’s variety of flying conditions and locations, our instruction enables pilots to gain and develop the knowledge and skills they need to conduct safe flights anywhere they choose to fly. We are happy to offer flight reviews, rental check-out, instrument proficiency checks, high-performance instruction, FAA knowledge test preparation, and initial or recurrent ground training that meets our customer’s needs and schedules.

We provide primary ground and flight instruction for students seeking the following FAA pilot certificates and ratings:

Schedules are typically built-in 2-hour blocks, and we offer training throughout the week and weekend. If it is sunny on the Cape we like to be flying, but when the fog rolls in, we’re ready to work with you to build your aeronautical knowledge, too.
We look forward to working with you!

Aloft Flight’s experienced ATP level instructors are $65 per hour. Aircraft rate for both aircraft is $175 per hour wet, discounted to $165 per hour with a ten hour block time purchase. Scheduling for established students is done online through the Holdshort App. CALL TODAY for more info, BOOK NOW to schedule.